Case Studies

Major State Agencies

The Provision of Financial Analyses and Forecasts

Enabling Decision Makers to Anticipate Budgetary Constraints 

Spire provided financial analyses and forecasts of a state entity’s current and future operations. This was conducted prior to the pandemic, in order to enable decision makers to anticipate and evaluate budgetary constraints and their impact on funding. The analysis required input from economic leaders on six islands for use in the forecasting process. The stakeholder engagement process provided invaluable data regarding economic conditions, and identified considerable uncertainty and concerns in regards the longer-term (years three to four going forward) economic status of the state.

Further, Spire provided research and stakeholder outreach services to a large state agency as part of a pilot program to explore alternative revenue collection methodologies. Through interviews with agencies involved in the current collection process, alongside research into Best Practices, we determined the capacity of the agency and its county partners to manage the collection, enforcement, and accounting systems needed to support an alternative collection process.


More Case Studies

An International Travel Company

Services provided:

•      Systems planning

•      Project management

•      Process re-engineering

•      Accounting and auditing services

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A Prominent International Hotel Chain

Services provided:

•      Accounting & auditing services

•      Financial planning and analysis

•      Scenario planning

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