Our Community

Our Expert Partnerships Provide Enhanced Client Value
Our collective value is enhanced by the partnerships that we have nurtured over several decades. These partnerships and relationships supplement our core competencies and skills with specialist knowledge and expertise.  

Spire and its valued clients benefit from our local alliances that support our numerous and varied engagements. We also utilize national partners with decades of expertise in their respective fields. And when necessary, we collaborate with the Allinial network for firms who need help around the world.

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant.” 

— Robert Louis Stevenson

Good Business Practice Isn’t Just About the Bottom Line  
We believe in taking an active role in developing, nurturing, and reinforcing our ecosystem. This is because we believe that businesses should contribute to the sustainable growth in society. We are committed to doing everything within our power to help our community, whether that’s through participation in various accelerators, volunteering our services, or donating goods that will help others.

Step Up and Rise to the Challenge!
Fortune Favors the Fearless.
Success requires bravery, competitiveness, and pride; not just pride of history and culture, but being proud of what we are doing today, to ensure that our communities can look forward to a prosperous future.


Mana Up is a Hawaiʻi-based initiative designed to build the state’s next 100 product companies earning $1 million or more in annual revenue. They accomplish this by hosting a 12-week accelerator program offered biannually to enable Hawaiʻi product entrepreneurs to scale their businesses, and an e-commerce platform selling Hawaiʻi products to consumers outside of Hawaiʻi.

Mana Up exists to help companies take advantage of our market opportunity here in Hawai’i and grow them into global companies, bringing to the world what really makes Hawaiʻi special. And in turn, creating sustainable wealth and livelihoods for Hawaiʻi locals.

We are part of the Builders Network within Mana Up providing financial, strategic, and operational advice to participating organizations.

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Nā Kama Kai understands the immense value of the ocean environment, its vast resources, and its relationship to the land.  As stewards of the kai (sea) and ʻāina (land), keiki (youth/children) from all ethnic origins and economic backgrounds will learn to embrace their kuleana (responsibility) as caretakers of marine ecosystems that must be nurtured for future generations.
We strongly believe in our motto, Keiki Aloha Kai Aloha, Beloved Child, Beloved Sea.  Our children are nurtured at the same time that their love for the ocean is nurtured.  As they continue to grow, this contemporary ‘ōlelo no‘eau is a reminder of their special place in the world along with their relationship and kuleana to the ocean and our natural environment.

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