Our Roots

Proud to Live in Hawai‘i  
Spire’s strength lies in its diversity—of experience, skillsets, and perspectives

We Live with the Results
Stewardship for Future Generations  
We are inspired to make our home a better place. While our team may be diverse in the experiences they’ve had, alongside the capabilities they bring to the table, we are united in our complete commitment to the communities we serve.  

This steadfast commitment to do the right thing now, is anchored in the reality that once we have completed a project, we live with the results. We want to improve what we can, preserve what we cherish, and help build a more sustainable future—socially, economically and environmentally—for our children and grandchildren.

Evolved Service Offerings
Spire’s Commitment to Helping its Clients
We understood that our clients were dealing with problems that were not easily solved through traditional services. These services were typically more monolithic in their approach, without consideration of how they might be integrated across organizations.

Rather than enforcing compliance-only solutions onto our clients, Spire’s new direction focused on customized, integrated services and solutions.

The intent was simple: to help solve our clients’ problems, providing solutions that address the root cause, while highlighting the corresponding organizational implications.
A Responsible Approach to Growth
Our evolution has been built upon our core capabilities as an accounting firm, alongside our understanding of audit and compliance requirements. Over time, as we added the appropriate expertise to our team, we migrated toward solutions that involved applications of strategy, IT, process, change management, and systems.   

Spire = Kakaako Collage
Spire Hawaii was the first accounting firm on the Islands to provide an expanded consultative services offering, to better meet client needs and challenges.

“As we expanded our services, it became increasingly apparent to us that people, systems, and processes—and the integration of those elements—were a common theme in many of our clients’ challenges.”

— Rodney Lee
Executive VP, Spire