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Some situations require a bit of Ingenuity


Providing context and orientation

Global market volatility, rapid technology advancement, and local economic dynamics create new, unforeseen challenges for businesses and organizations.

Spire Hawaii LLP is an accounting and advisory services firm unlike many others.  

We provide enhanced professional services that address financial, strategic, organizational and operational issues. 


Our Firm Philosophy

Step up. Stand tall.

Rise up, Compete, be brave, be proud.

We think Hawaii businesses should have an impact locally within a global context.  
We should believe in our capabilities, seek to improve every day and celebrate our wins. 

We can help you get there. We are willing to dive in and get our hands dirty. 
We believe we can accomplish great things by working together with you.


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Your cause is noble, and your issues are complex.  We can help in many ways.

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Private Industry 

Whether for-profit or not-for-profit, doing business in Hawaii is a unique challenge.

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Family Business

Hawaii is built on family business, but as generations age, what now?

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Attorneys & Judges

Let us make sense of the numbers so you can focus on your case.

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spire in Our community

Sustaining Hawaii's economy requires a lot of work from many different people and organizations.  We have many who support our enterprise so we think giving back and paying it forward is the least we could do. 

We use our talents to help and support growth and development of Hawaii's newest entrepreneurs, established accelerators and unique organizations who create new and future opportunities.