Our brand identity is not defined by people’s names or any acronyms. We looked to our employees and asked them for words that described the characteristics of a full-service CPA firm they wanted to be a part of. They came up with words like “ascending”, “navigating”, “guiding”, and “multi-faceted”. Guided by their perspective, we chose the name Spire Hawaii because of the inspirational vision that a spire represents to a community. 

The physical meaning of “spire” is the highest point or summit, which is our aim for both ourselves and our clients. At Spire, we hope to act as a navigator, providing direction and guidance towards the common goal of elevating Hawaii to a sustainable future at a level representative of our name.  

The dot of the “i” in our logo forms a literal spire on the letter and creates an arrow to signify the direction we provide to our clients and to ourselves. In math, the “^” symbol represents an exponential number. To us, this embodies the progressive strength of each individual and the combined strengths of our company as a whole.