FAMILY BUSINESSES are not run-of-the-mill corporations

Most businesses in Hawaii, small or large, are family businesses or family-run businesses.  Each family business is unique with its own unique history and future.  

Consequently, we recognize the need to support family businesses and have structured our services to support them.  Whether it is dealing with transitions, planning, or operational concerns, our team and network of experts will help your family business work for your family.

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Family Ties

Most non-family businesses make decisions based on financial or organizational reasons.  Family businesses always have to understand how business decisions affect the family regardless of the type of family business or industry.  These decisions not only affect those who operate the business, but all who are indirectly related. 

We have professionals with decades of experience with family businesses and the family issues that result from having a family business.

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Planning and Preparation

Have you ever heard of generational planning in private companies?  Probably not.  For many family businesses, this is a reality. Their founders establish the business to provide for their family and create a better future that they can control.  Yet, this is a multi-dimensional, multi-disciplinary issue.

Our team of professionals can help you navigate through the process. 



Whether it is preparing for succession, implementing the transition, or planning for an exit, family business transitions are complex.  There are many considerations and many more opinions from friends, family and advisors.  

Let us help you prepare and transition your business to maximize the benefit for the family.