Rise and inSpire – Community Development Program

We recognize that active engagement in the community allows us to better understand the issues currently affecting our clients, the community, and local businesses. Our community development program strives to make an impact in the community by utilizing our business skills and acumen which range from providing assistance in finance, accounting, or consulting.

Program A:

We provide value-added assistance within our technical acumen to one local business per year on a pro-bono basis. The complexity of this project would last up to one year. In turn, we encourage the local business to provide services or products comparable to the benefit received to a local not-for-profit organization.

Program B:

We directly impact not-for-profit organizations by providing them services within our technical skill set. The complexity of these projects would be smaller and direct services can be provided to multiple organizations based on time and resources available.

Spire Hawaii’s Resources

  • Highly-skilled teams offer their expertise in the following service areas:
  • Financial
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Strategic Analysis
  • Operational improvement/Information technology

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