change management

Change is inevitable in today's economy.  Whether it be market dynamics, technological disruption or advancement, mergers and/or acquisition, or organizational stressors, organizational change management will always be necessary because it deals with a single fact: how people adjust to change. 

Our team has decades of experience in structuring, facilitating and assisting with change programs here in Hawaii and on the mainland.  We have developed a proprietary methodology that we believe can stretch across cultures and communities.  


Change Leadership

Change cannot happen unless adequate change leadership exists. Organizations need leaders to be the backbone, model and champions of change to establish confidence and belief in the change.  Our team can assist you and your organization in identifying, developing and facilitating change leadership. 


Change Strategy

Strategy is how you accomplish what is necessary in the circumstances you find yourself.  The change strategy includes a statement of the diagnosis, the strategy, overarching goals (preferably 1-3 overarching organizational goals), the objectives required to achieve the goals in various units, and the major actions required to achieve the objectives. 


Change Communication

Change communication is critical for reinforcing, informing and directing the change effort.  The establishment of communication plans, messages, and communication vehicles are commonly used.  We have found it more effective to customize the communication to the organization.