Our Insights

At Spire, we realized that public accounting industry trends are changing, due to technology advancements and higher client expectations. This is why we have restructured our practice to create a workplace that allows our staff to train with a holistic business mindset. We encourage a culture of problem solvers in order to provide great business advisors and strategic thinkers to work with our clients in addition to the traditional accounting services. We know that our success is dependent on the success of our people our clients, and the community which leads us to why we created this blog.

The purpose behind Spire’s blog is to generate awareness about our people and our brand. We want to share our thoughts, lessons, and ideas with the community using a platform that allows us to be thought-provoking and educational. Blog topics can range from accounting pronouncements to work/life balance ideas, personal experiences and current events. This will create a way for us to provide clients and the community with insights into why we are here, how we’re challenging the status quo, and what we want to accomplish.