Our audit services include:

  • Audits for privately held companies and not-for-profit organizations
  • Compilations and reviews of financial statements
  • Special financial analyses and consultations, and
  • Special auditing and accounting services such as audit preparation services (e.g., preparation of schedules, control narratives, etc.) 

Our approach to every audit rests upon three major factors: the engagement team providing the services, audit efficiency, and audit quality. Our approach is risk-based and emphasizes several key elements: planning, coordination, communication, and the use of contemporary audit techniques.

We strive to provide the most careful, thorough, and cost effective audits by utilizing extensive client interfacing and computer and cloud-based audit tools. Our professional affiliations allow us to quickly resolve any complex or unusual problems in a timely manner by drawing on the collective expertise of not only our staff, but our network. Quality control standards are applied to all of our audits, assuring excellence in service.